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45 Posts Later...

I like what I've created here. Why stop?

By now, it's gotten normal for me to have doubts. About my content, whether or not enough people will see it, whether or not people care. But that's when I remind myself of my very first lesson. I am first. Once a post is published, that means I've already done the creation and editing. No room for regretting. I like what I've created. If no one else does, then I'll just be my biggest fan and admirer. Of course, things like this are easier said than done, but that doesn't make it impossible.

Having doubts is a part of life, and overcoming them helps make life more bearable. Even good things like getting out of debt or ending a toxic relationship come with doubts. Because you can't anticipate what'll happen next or how someone will react to it. Creating this website and starting this blog has been a constant cycle of overcoming doubts and maintaining my consistency. So if I've put in all this work, why shouldn't I be proud of it? Why worry about who's going to see it or if they like what I have to show them? I like what I see with my site. It's how I appreciate and value the fruits of my labor.

Think about all the work you've done or are doing just to get through a day.

Getting a good night's sleep is a fourth of the battle. The first half consists of getting yourself or potential household ready. Everyone needs their hair combed, teeth brushed, face washed, socks matching, shoes tied, and appearance presentable. Then, of course, there's the drive. Here in Houston, almost every human being with a driver's license loses some stream of sense once they get behind the wheel of an automobile. They make quick moves into other lanes without signalling, don't pay attention to street lights once they turn green, and either truly commit to running a red light after cruising in front of you, or don't commit and end up missing the light all together. Navigating that just to get to a job that might not be fulfilling to you takes a lot.

Now for the second half. The job. Even in a fulfilling job, there's be people and circumstances that are bound to annoy or stress you for the eight hours that you're clocked in. Management. Co-workers. Customers. Paper jams with the printers. Vending machines that take your money. A toilet that won't flush. Customers and co-workers that don't flush. The list goes on. Getting through that takes additional work you're not getting paid to do.

The final fourth comes after the job is done for the day. You leave the work site to handle other things at home before you can unwind and relax. If no one appreciates the results of all your work, you certainly should. So take care of your necessities, then enjoy yourself in a healthy and productive way.

I've had to get through hard days and sleepless nights, and I've gotten through them by doing what I needed to do to take care of myself. I had to learn how to become my strongest resource. So here I am, forty-five posts later. Still working, learning, and conditioning every aspect of my life for my benefit.

What about you?

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