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Did you Forget?

How many of you still remember this learner's creed?

I have a vague, but vivid memory of being in class at some point in my childhood reciting this with a bunch of other kids. I'm glad it stuck with me for so long. It helps me remember to be myself in every way I choose.

What you wear, read, write, and listen to shapes how you look, feel, and act. Period. You were born with more power than you might realize. More purpose than you can comprehend. Don't belittle or stifle your talents because others don't like to see you using them. Forget what they don't like. Forget what they can't or refuse to understand. You're not meant for them when it comes to that stage of your life.

Don't forget how to have your definition of fun. Don't forget to reason, speak, think, read, and write for yourself. Do the best you can to make it through the day. Then do it again the next day. Do what you can, and aim for progress, not perfection. Becoming the best means being a better version of yourself, so get to work.

If you've forgotten this learner's creed, remember it now. Memorize it if you want to. It may seem childish, but that doesn't mean its not important. After all, a creed can be lots of different things.

Commitment to Choice Course of action that

Renew your Regarding Reflects your

Energy and Ethics Endurance and

Empowering Evident in your Encourages others to

Dedication Demeanor Do the same

I believe in myself and my ability to do my best at all times.

Just for today:

I will listen.

I will reason.

I will speak.

I will think.

I will read.

I will write.

I will do all of theses things with one purpose in mind: to do my best and not waste this day.

For this day will come no more.

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