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Lesson One, Part Two: Why You are First

Updated: May 18, 2022

You're first because you matter. Believe it or not, you matter always to God, and you should matter to yourself. When you see your reflection, it should radiate self-worth. So much, that you can dismiss negativity no matter what form it presents itself in. You're the first person you should learn to take care of. You may not be able to learn as fast as others, but don't compete. Focus on your core health traits: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Strengthen those, and value them so they're not easily taken advantage of or abused.

You're first because you're valuable. Your time, energy, and money have to mean more to you than what others think, want, or feel. People will take all of that and leave you empty if allowed to. Don't allow it. Don't tolerate it. Don't accept it. If you have to, restrict access to those things for as long as it's necessary. Because they're your valuables. So treat them like the treasure they are and share them willingly instead of out of forced obligation.

Why shouldn't you be first?

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