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Lesson Three: Stay Humble

Updated: May 18, 2022

Don't be discouraged when someone presents your art form as it's basic premise.

'She likes to sew.'

'He's a painter.'

'She's just a retail worker.'

'He's really into cars.'

Sometimes it's done casually with no ill intentions. But when it's done deliberately to belittle you, don't let it. Whether it's good or bad, what you choose to do matters. And if you're doing a good thing that makes you happy, own it without the fear of embarrassment.

I like to think of everything as a form of art, just with different mediums. So whether you paint, cook, or even tell jokes, you are an artist and creator on some level. And no matter what level you choose to stay on or ascend to, stay humble.

Everything you decide to do doesn't have to be for someone else. I started this blog because I like to write out what I feel. It's for me, and I choose to use it to encourage people and express myself. So do what you choose. Be who or what you want, and do it for yourself first.






Make music.

Make videos.

Be a creator.

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