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Mirror Illness

It was all a lie. It was not a lie.

I wasn't raped. I was raped.

Just angry. Assaulted.

Hurting. Held down and helpless.

Because he lied about his love. Because he lusted while I loved.

Gave to her what he promised me. Did to her what he did to me.

Spread the seed we were supposed to plant. Spread the seed we were supposed to plant.

So I burnt it all. So I buried it all.

Left the ground around him covered in ash. Left the body I once loved dirty and black.

And as for her? And as for him?

She wasn't as faithful as she let him believe. He's been unfaithful to girls other than me.

Why didn't he care? Why should I care?

Do they both accept it? Should I just accept it?

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