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Reasons for my Resting Mean Face

  • I could be home reading.

  • There are no books around to distract me from what's being said.

  • No visible bookshelves.

  • I'm irritated that I haven't brought a book.

  • I'm even more annoyed because I haven't brought my back up book.

  • The longer I'm out here, the more likely I'll stay up late reading.

  • I could be home listening to my favorite music while reading.

  • I've started reading a book series, but I don't have all of them, and I'm almost finished with my current read.

  • There are lots of books out there that I still don't have.

  • I'm running out of space on my bookshelves.

  • I'm torn between buying the books I remember reading, and searching for new books to buy and read.

  • I'm so invested in my current read, I'm upset with characters that don't exist.

  • I've invested time and energy into something when I really, truly, actually, preferred to be home...READING!

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