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I should've taken pictures.

Of the bruises from before

Instead, I watched them heal and fade

And stayed to take on more

I should've left after that fight.

When you slammed me onto the floor

Instead, I listened to your lies

And stayed to hear some more

I should've believed my friends.

The ones who told the truth

Instead, I called them traitors

And left them all for you

I should've stood my ground.

The day you threatened to leave

Instead, I stayed beside you

While your acts made me bleed

I should've told the truth.

When the neighbors called the cops

Instead, I lied for loyalty

I thought it would make you stop

I should've left with my friends.

When they found us after we'd moved

Instead, I made them leave

My thoughts fixed on your mood

I should've realized sooner.

That I was following all your rules

And still receiving scars

My back all black and blue

I gave up every freedom

To feel, think, and speak

And when I tried without permission

My blood dripped into the sink

Of all the things I should've done

in all the years ahead,

The night you helped me

sneak out the house,

I should've stayed in bed.

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