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Start the Day

Usually, days start the same. You're woken by your alarm clock and get dressed for school or work. Maybe you eat breakfast on your way in or once you arrive. From there, everything's up in the air.

But some days start differently.

Some days start hours before your alarm clock goes off. You wake up, and can't go back to sleep. Your thoughts go toward the things you have to do after work. Dishes and clothes need to be washed. Groceries have to be bought, and bills have to be paid. You lay in darkness, and can almost see yourself getting through the day. Doing the same work as yesterday while working toward a better life.

And Lord knows you've worked. You've worked hard. But when days start like this, it seems like you have nothing to show for it. You're too tired to cook, but you're also hungry. You're in the same physical place or unhealthy relationship, and nothing seems to be changing fast enough for the better. Sure there are good days, but those seem far away. You were making progress, but then it slowly faltered and stopped.

Now, you have to start again. So on days that start like this, you turn off your alarm and get out of bed. You flip on your light, and you stretch. You go in the kitchen and wash all the dishes. If you have time before leaving the house, a load of clothes goes in the washer, then the dryer. You can put everything away after work. Maybe you take a shower before getting dressed. Or maybe you skip the shower. But ultimately, you get to work. Because unless you do the work, it won't get done.

Every new day, no matter how it starts, is an opportunity to do better.

I say take it.

- T.M.C.

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