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Welcome to My World: CJ - Part Four

No One Asked Why

She died in need

She died alone

I begged her to stay

Screamed over the phone

She'd done her best for everyone

They'd left her beaten and undone

I stayed by her

I helped her rest

But they wouldn't stop

They caused the mess

They chose their fun

By spreading lies

That others believed

But didn't ask why

Why was this girl being called a slut?

Why was she shamed for using drugs?

Why did they think they knew her best?

Why did they choose to see a threat?

They were the pieces, part of the game

They were the puppets, dancing for gain

The players were people, self-centered and cruel

Two separate girls, wanting to rule

Two separate mothers, both of them blind

One by control, the other denial

Two separate boys who thought they were men

One a smart fighter, one a former friend

Police were involved, but they didn't help

So we were driven to fix things ourselves

We found solutions to combat the lies

That others believed

But didn't ask why

Why were these girls being treated this way?

Why did these strangers have so much to say?

Why were they willing to break the law?

Why didn't they care about what others saw?

The puppets and players were having their fun

While police and teachers got nothing done

So it fell on me to fight for our lives

Working to get through the days and nights

Days inside school where other kids stared

Threatened and told us they didn't want us there

Harassed us online, then laughed in our faces

Making their nooses, enjoying the races

Nights outside school were when the cowards felt brave

Watching from the dark, trying to make us afraid

Throwing rocks through windows and slashing car tires

Calling to say they'd set our houses on fire

They didn't think about how I'd respond

Fearless, indifferent, and willing to harm

Writing and filming all their wrongs

Learning the names of the puppets involved

Now that she'd dead and they still don't care

It falls on me to balance the scales

To repeat the truths they chose to deny

And do them so loudly

They'll have to learn why

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