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Why I Write - Pt. 1

*Disclaimer! Reader Discretion Advised! Trigger warning! - Small reference to suicide

I write to release my inner thoughts

Since I'm not one who loves to talk

I channel them through works I've written

So others see the pain imprinted

I write because it helps my mind

Since I'm not always feeling fine

I bleed out ink through pens galore

So I'm not found dead on the floor

I write to express what I believe

Since I was raised to people please

I value more about myself

So no one's entitled to my health

I write because it's what I choose

Since I don't have to win or lose

I can do both and still move up

So working harder heightens my luck

I write to bring ideas to life

Since I sometimes feel hollow inside

I use my words to conjure strength

So I can face the beast within

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